The  Systemic Innovation Zone~Hellas
innovating a future for Europe

Could Hellas once again be the birthing place for a new Europe? Where crisis is re-defined from “a problem needing to be fixed” to being the seedbed for social innovation? A place where we build new cultures of citizen agency – both locally and connected across Europe?

While the mainstream news highlights deterioration and despair in Greece as economic and governance systems collapse, there is another story that is emerging. Citizens are participating in their lives in fundamentally new ways – out of necessity, and also from a deep breath of inspiration.

These stories, this courage, these actions of ordinary citizens who are creating the future now, are the threads of a new narrative that is emerging from places where the currents systems are collapsing or deteriorating – they are simply showing how unsustainable and interconnected they and we are.

What if Hellas is the key to turning the page from crisis to potential, for not only Greece but as a beacon of social innovation for all of Europe?

JOIN US in this venture! We invite you to participate in the SiZ in any way you can. You may have your own ideas, too. This is the place to share them!

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